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Thursday, March 29, 2007

That Was Quick!

Twins Territory has alerted me that shortly after I posted on Durbin, the Twins officially set their 25-man roster by cutting Josh Rabe, which means that Chris Heintz has indeed made the roster (Marty, you can be happy now -- just ignore the Silva thing). Honestly, this move makes a lot of sense -- Mauer's injury, which will probably result in him DH'ing a fair amount of games early this season, coupled with Heintz's excellent spring and ability to play some 3B if necessary, really made him the logical pick over Josh Rabe. Heintz will likely be with the team until Lew Ford is healthy, when it's likely that he'll be sent down. This could make the early catching situation in Rochester somewhat interesting.

For my thoughts on waiving Durbin, see the post immediately below. Spring training now enters the boring phase for me, as there are no more roster decisions to be made. Can't wait for the season to start on Monday!

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