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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Unofficial Roster Talk

UPDATE: There's a reason this is listed as "Unofficial" roster talk -- turns out it wasn't true, and Buck Martinez is backtracking from the position taken by Gary Thorne during the game. Multiple sources heard Thorne say that Garza was being sent down, but whether he said that or not isn't really the point -- the point is that no decision has yet been made on whether Silva or Garza will get the 5th starter spot, and there is now talk that Garza might be starting on Friday. For the sake of posterity, here's the original post:

If you're watching the Twins on ESPN, you just heard Gary Thorne answer the question that we've been waiting all day to hear: Silva or Garza in the rotation, and in what slot. Thorne said that Ron Gardenhire told him this morning that the Twins want Garza starting everyday, and aren't yet ready to give up on Silva. As a result, Garza either has been or is about to be optioned to AAA, and Carlos Silva will make the team as the fifth starter.

I can't confirm this yet with anything even remotely official (I would consider an article on the Twins website or the Strib, or even a mention of this in La Velle Neal's or Joe Christensen's blogs to be official). Nevertheless, this matches the rumors that have been circulating throughout the morning, and is in line with what I thought would happen.

If this information is accurate, it leaves the 25th roster spot as the last question, with J.D. Durbin and Josh Rabe as the last two guys competing for that spot.

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