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Saturday, March 24, 2007

An Update on Organizational Rankings

Early this month, I completed my first set of organizational rankings. This post is to let you know how the organizational rankings will be used by me to track roster changes over the course of the season.

First, I have no intention of updating the actual ranking within each position, or of moving a player from one list to another in the middle of the season. So, for example, a player used primarily as a reliever last year who is primarily starting this season will remain on the reliever list until I update the rankings next February. I thought about doing a mid-season ranking update, and I might still change my mind on this, but for now I'm planning on leaving the rankings themselves in place until next season.

I will, however, be making some changes to the posts. For one thing, players who are released or otherwise removed from the organization will not be removed from the ranking, but their entry will be in red and the fact that they've been released will be indicated next to their name. Also, as players are assigned to minor league teams, I'll be updating the information next to their name to reflect that fact. Players who are signed or otherwise acquired by the Twins will be added to the appropriate ranking page at the bottom of the list.

The organizational rankings can be find at the bottom of the right sidebar. I encourage anyone to leave comments on the rankings themselves, and to let me know if I've left anyone off the list who should have been included, or if I've messed up biographical information on a player.



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