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Friday, March 23, 2007

Morning Cuts

Joe Christensen reports that the Twins cut Scott Baker, Alexi Casilla, and Garrett Jones this morning. All of them were optioned to AAA, where they will get a chance to develop further. Alexi Casilla will be with the Twins in some capacity this year, although it probably won't be until September when roster's expand. Jones and Baker are, in my opinion, unlikely to see action with the Twins this year.

The only move here that could be called even remotely surprising would be sending Casilla down, who some folks thought should make the team out of spring training as a backup. I think this was certainly the best move, because he needs to play every day.

Baker and Jones are both in an interesting position, as the Twins just used up their last options. That means that this is a year in which they need to establish themselves, or they'll likely end up somewhere else. I'll be watching intently this season to see how they perform, and whether they can put themselves into a position to make the team next season in some capacity.

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