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Sunday, March 18, 2007

More Cuts

Thanks again to La Velle for announcing additional cuts after today's game. This makes just as much sense as waiting until after the break tomorrow, I guess, so I should have seen it coming. The four players cut this afternoon were:

Kevin Slowey
Carmen Cali
Jason Miller
Jeremy Cummings

Really, no surprises here. Slowey was never going to make the rotation this season (hence my keeping him in red all spring on my roster updates). Jeremy Cummings had a solid spring but had no chance against the group of guys who were in front of him. Jason Miller and Carmen Cali were at the back end of the bloc of lefties who were competing for a spot in the bullpen, and neither did enough to move ahead of Mike Venafro at the head of that list. I'll be most interested in seeing where Carmen Cali is assigned at the end of the spring, or if the Twins let him go. Everybody else should end up in AAA to start the season.

I'll have more later tonight on the other part of Neal's post, which discussed the way that Twins roster is setting up. Now, though, it's time for Martin's podcast.

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