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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Denard Span Cut

I didn't expect any more cuts until tomorrow or Tuesday, but the Twins jumped the gun this morning and optioned Denard Span to AAA, according to La Velle E. Neal. Expect to see Span at the Major League level this year; if the Twins have fallen out of contention at the trade deadline, Torii will likely be traded and Span will inherit center field. If not, then Span will be a September callup (his speed makes that a virtual certainty - he's the perfect kind of player to have on the bench as a pinch runner in close and late situations down the stretch). Barring something unforeseen, he'll be the starting center fielder in 2008.

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  • At Sun Mar 18, 01:49:00 PM , Blogger Marty said...

    Sending Span down surprised me a bit, I would have thought the Twins would want Span to spend as much time around Torii Hunter and major leaguers as possible.

  • At Sun Mar 18, 02:02:00 PM , Blogger JST said...

    I suspect that the Twins felt it was more important to get him to minor league camp and have him play every day and for longer periods than he could at the Major League camp. With the start of the season just 2 weeks away, the timing made sense to me (although, like I said, I didn't expect any cuts until tomorrow or Tuesday morning).

  • At Sun Mar 18, 10:02:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hunter should start playing 6 and 7 innings pretty quick here, and for this season, Tyner is the backup CF for now. He needs some of that time in the OF and the at bats.

    Span is a great bench guy, as a pinch runner, for September, but he needs to play every day during the regular season, so like Casilla, keeping them with the Twins just doesn't make sense.



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