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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Another One Bites the Dust . . .

Just a few days after Lew Ford became the first player out of camp this spring (due to knee surgery), and about 24 hours after the first cuts were made, Joe Christensen is reporting that Ken Harvey is now leaving camp as well -- and ironically enough, he's getting the same surgery that Lew Ford needed.

What are the practical implications? Well, first, this leaves Matt LeCroy as the last remaining position player who could claim the 25th roster spot - making it that much more likely that J.D. Durbin or Mike Venafro will be with the Twins on opening day. Second, it means more playing time at Rochester for 1B/DH types (such as Garrett Jones, Glenn Williams, Doug Deeds, and possibly Matt LeCroy).

I'm saddened for Harvey, but as a practical matter this is probably not that significant for the Twins. Harvey was unlikely to make the team anyway, and all this really does is relieve some of the pressure from the three guy who are now legitimately competing for that last roster spot.



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