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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Enemy Intel Report

After a week in which the Twins did what they needed to do (4-2 against the Indians and White Sox), and the Tigers and Red Sox self-destructed, things get even more interesting for Twins fans over the next seven days.

Minnesota Twins
Off Day (Mon)
3 games @ Baltimore (Tue-Thu)
3 games @ Chicago White Sox (Fri-Sun)

Detroit Tigers
4 games vs. Chicago White Sox (Mon-Thu)
3 games @ Cleveland (Fri-Sun)

Chicago White Sox
4 games @ Detroit (Mon-Thu)
3 games vs. Minnesota (Fri-Sun)

New York Yankees
1 game @ Boston (Mon)
3 games @ Seattle (Tue-Thu)
3 games @ Los Angeles Angels (Fri-Sun)

Boston Red Sox
1 game vs. New York Yankees (Mon)
3 games @ Los Angeles Angels (Tue-Thu)
3 games @ Seattle (Fri-Sun)

Not sure who to root for in that Tigers-Sox series. Guess I'm hoping for a 2-2 split. Then a nice sweep by the Twins in Chi-Town (again), just to make things really interesting.


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