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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Fifth Starter Situation

So Boof struggled again today (although he got a bit of an early hook, I felt), which means he hasn't exactly blown away the competition in his last few starts. He was skipped the last time through the rotation, and he's being skipped again this time. The $5 million question is who is going to get to start in that spot the next time through.

After a solid performance today from Kyle Lohse (I'll offer a mea culpa only if he keeps it up), there has to be some consideration amongst Twins brass as to whether a change should be made. I've been arguing for Pat Neshek to get called up since I started this blog, and that isn't going to change now. Instead of it being due to a Lohse trade or demotion, however, it may be due to Lohse returning to the lineup to replace a demoted Boof Bonser.

I wouldn't put this outside the realm of possibility. Lohse will probably get another chance, maybe two, to pitch over the next 6 days or so. If he does well, the temptation to put him back in the rotation will be pretty high. My best guess: Bonser gets one more chance to start, and if he struggles a move will be made. Unless Lohse screws it up, he'll probably get back into the starting five.


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