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Friday, April 04, 2008

Cuddyer to the DL

That was quick. Michael Cuddyer was placed on the DL after tonight's game with the Royals following the dislocation of his right index finger. Considering how weak the Twins offense has been this year, losing a player like Cuddyer from the middle of the lineup undoubtedly hurts.

Perhaps the most interesting element of this is who the Twins called up to replace Cuddyer on the roster. Despite my prediction earlier tonight that the Twins would want to keep Denard Span and Jason Pridie in AAA to start every day, the Twins decided to call Span up to the bigs for the first time in his career. While it's unfortunate that it took an injury to Cuddyer for Span to get a break in the bigs, this should please the fans who thought Span, and not Carlos Gomez, should have broken camp with the team. I don't know how much he'll play, but he'll undoubtedly make his big league debut and get at least a few starts in right. I expect Jason Kubel and Craig Monroe also to be used in the outfield fairly regularly.

The other interesting ramification of Cuddyer going on the DL is that the Twins now don't have a backup at first base. My guess is that Mike Lamb will serve in that capacity if needed, since the Twins could use Brendan Harris, Nick Punto, and Matt Tolbert at 3B as needed.

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  • At Sat Apr 05, 07:54:00 AM , Anonymous TwinsTerritory said...

    Go-Go was the best choice to make the team to play center, and he is showing why so far in the first five games.

    If Span starts in center at all while he is up here, I hope Gardy gets fired.

  • At Sat Apr 05, 08:06:00 AM , Blogger JST said...

    A couple of points in response:

    I agreed with the choice of Gomez, and his play so far has clearly indicated he was the right choice. There were some fans who wanted Span, however (some who were very passionate about it, if I recall), and they should be happy that he's at least going to get a chance to play in the bigs.

    As for Span getting any starts in center, the only way I could see that happening is if Gomez goes into a tailspin and needs a rest for a day. I could see him sitting at some point in the next two weeks, and that wouldn't bother me all that much. More than that would be extremely bothersome, but I don't think we have to worry. If Span gets much playing time, it will probably be in right.

  • At Sat Apr 05, 10:51:00 AM , Anonymous TT said...

    he is showing why so far in the first five games.

    Five games doesn't prove much of anything. Gomez numbers are clearly over his head, the question is by how much.

    If he has a slow start in the future we will hear for an entire season from the same crowd anointing him now as savior about how lousy he is because his numbers don't match their expectations.

    If Span starts in center at all while he is up here, I hope Gardy gets fired.

    I would be stunned if Span doesn't get some time in center field. He is clearly the backup if Gomez gets hurt. He needs to play the position occasionally and to learn the dome. And, despite his hot start, its not clear Gomez is a superior player.

    That said, I agree that we will probably see Span playing a corner more often. It will be interesting to see if Gardy moves Delmon Young back to right and sticks Span out in left.

  • At Sat Apr 05, 10:59:00 AM , Blogger neckrolls said...

    Span could play CF with Gomez in RF, as was the case several times in spring training. Or Span could play LF and Young play RF. Span is a better fielder than Kubel or Monroe, and is almost certain to have a higher OBP vs. RHP than Monroe, so it makes sense to put him in the lineup the next few days, but he's wasted as the DH.

    By the way, in his first two games with the Red Wings, Span went 3-9 with a walk and 2 SBs. Small sample size, but an indication that his consistent play continues. However, as hot as Gomez is right now, nobody could sit him down, so I wouldn't worry about that.

    Do Span's skills perhaps lend themselves to the #2 spot in the order, with Mauer sliding into Cuddyer's #3 spot? Too many lefties in a row, I suppose...


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