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Monday, June 18, 2007

Site Update, Notes, e-mail Interview

I'm not going to get a full fledged notes column up tonight, but it wasn't a great game anyway, so I hope you'll forgive me. I'll be back tomorrow with a regular notes column, hopefully talking about Johan Santana's 7th win of the season. I wanted to write up a column on the Elizabethton Twins tonight, talking about their roster for the season -- they play their first game tomorrow, after all. Unfortunately, they don't have a roster posted yet (there are a few players listed, but definitely not a full roster), so I can't. Hopefully, one will be up tomorrow for me to talk about.

Finally, I completed an e-mail interview today with Mets Today, where I answered 9 questions about the Twins. I pretty much wrote straight through my lunch hour, so it's fairly long. I know I made at least one typo, so be gentle if you read it.

Until tomorrow . . .



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