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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dennys Reyes Extension

Dennys Reyes seemed like one of the least likely off-season Twins signees to make the team in March. But after names like Darrell May and Gabe White failed to register, the Twins offered Reyes a spot in the minor leagues, and called him up in April to try to shore up what had become a troublingly weak bullpen. Since that time, Reyes has been spectacular, posting a 0.96 ERA in 43 games, and becoming the go-to guy for lefty batters.

Now, Reyes' great season has been rewarded by the Twins with a raise and an extension. Reyes signed a two-year, $2 million deal that will keep him a Twin through 2008. I see this as a great move for the Twins. With all the great young pitching in the system, one thing that doesn't seem immediately available is a situational lefty. It's hard to expect that Reyes will be this good over the next two years, but if he's even close than the Twins made the right decision. A million dollars a year is nothing to sneeze at, but with the rising cost of middle relief, signing players like Reyes makes sense.


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