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Monday, July 10, 2006

Liriano an All-Star

I'm late to the party in posting something about this here (I've been researching transmountain diversions all morning...baseball just can't compete with that!), so I'm not going to post a lot about this. I do want to say "congratulations" to Liriano for getting a much-deserved spot in the game (when I was arguing that he wouldn't make it in, I wasn't saying he SHOULDN'T get in, just that I didn't think Ozzie would pick him over his own guys).

More interestingly, though, I want to throw out a thought. With Liriano slated to start the first game after the break for the Twins, and the Twins playing better baseball of late (excepting the last two series), is it possible that Guillen picked Liriano for the team in order to disrupt the Twins plans? Perhaps a little Twin-phobia on the part of the White Sox manager? Alright, probably not; Liriano was the right pick to replace Contreras. At the same time, I'm sure Ozzie isn't feeling too bad about getting a chance to mess with the Twins a little bit over the break. I chock this up as a happy coincidence for Ozzie, and not something particularly invidious.

Now, if only we could get Justin Morneau in the Homerun Derby...


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