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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Santana Fantastico!

What else is there to say? The man is a phenomenol pitcher who should have added a second Cy Young award to his trophy case last year, and who, despite his regular slow start, should have a legitimate chance of adding another this year. If the Twins fork over the cash to keep him around for another 6 or 7 seasons, can you imagine what kind of run he and Liriano will be able to make for most of that stretch? Talk about a 1-2 combination!

Just for kicks, here's what the perfect 2008 Twins rotation would look like:

1.) Johan Santana
2.) Matt Garza (second only because he's a righty and he splits up the dominant lefties)
3.) Francisco Liriano
4.) Boof Bonser
5.) Scott Baker/Glen Perkins/Brian Duensing/Add your Favorite Phenom

I think Bonser is going to get a chance to solidify his spot in the rotation this year and next, and I hope he does well, because that would make the trade with San Francisco seem that much more absurd. Duensing may or may not contribute at the major league level. Hopefully Baker will get a chance, but he may be pushed out by up-and-coming youngsters if he doesn't get it together. Justin Jones is pitching well, as is Kevin Slowey. Who knows who the young guys fighting for a spot will be in two years. I would bet on the top 4 being involved somehow, anyway.

Starting on Monday I'm going to be introducing a new feature, rather uncreatively called "Down on the Farm." Monday of each week there will be a feature on the last week of AAA Rochester, Tuesday will feature AA New Britain, Wednesday will feature high-A Ft. Myers, Thursday will feature low-A Beloit, and once the season begins, Friday will feature the Rookie-ball club in Elizabethton. Hopefully this will be of some interest.

Also next week, look for some discussion of the 2006 MLB Draft, especially the first day (which is usually about 20 rounds). The Twins have fewer picks than they usually do early on this year, thanks to not as many high-profile free agents leaving during the last off-season, and some bad luck with Jacque Jones ending up with the Cubs, who only had a fourth round pick to give up as compensation because they had already signed other players, thus sending picks to other clubs. Last year, the Twins grabbed Garza, and he looks to be on the fast-track. Hopefully they can get another solid player that can contribute in three or four years at the big league level, just in time to make the roster for opening day in the new stadium!


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