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Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Note About the Upcoming Week

This week is spring break for students here at the University of Colorado, which would seem like the perfect chance to get some blogging in (such as, say, finally finishing the relief pitcher rankings from my Organizational Rankings series). However, I actually have to leave town on Monday morning with some other students and the professor of my Problem Orientation class. On the plus side, I get to return to Silverton, CO, an old mining town in the southwest corner of the state (just north of Durango). It's a very interesting part of Colorado to visit, and I'm looking forward to going back. On the downside, I'll be busy actually doing some work this week, so finishing the Org Rankings is a pipe dream (maybe next weekend -- I'm hoping).

Here's the rub: I'm supposed to have access to high speed internet at the hotel where I'll be staying, so I should at least be able to make some comments on the final roster as it gets set. However, my blogging time will be severely limited -- I'll probably only get a chance to write in the evenings after we finish our daily work. In other words, you shouldn't expect timely commentary (even less than usual, that is).



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