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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Red Sox v. Rockies

I'm in the middle of grading papers, so I can't spend too much time blogging tonight -- nonetheless, I felt that I had to at least get a few quick thoughts up regarding a World Series that is simply unbelievably improbable.

1.) First, congrats to the Red Sox -- they established themselves as the favorite in the AL early in the season, and they lived up to it. While I would have rather have seen the Indians in the series, I have to admit that Fenway is a great stage for World Series baseball.

2.) The decision to start Tim Wakefield in Game 4 ended up not mattering. I still think it was the wrong decision, for all of the reasons that I stated before -- but in the end, the Sox were able to win three straight and now will have Josh Beckett available to start Game 1 on Wednesday night.

3.) The Rockies finally have an opponent -- and I would assume that they'll be flying into Boston sometime tomorrow so they have a full day off in Beantown before the Series gets underway. If nothing else, it would be a change of pace from the simulated games they've been playing in Denver.

4.) I, along with what will undoubtedly be a monstrous number of other Coloradans, will be trying to buy World Series tickets tomorrow morning. Wish me luck!

5.) It would have been nice if the last couple of games had been closer -- this could have been a great series, and instead it turned into something of a dud. At least this one was close until late, unlike Game 6 which I muted about 3 innings in so I could concentrate on other things. Hopefully the World Series games will be more interesting!

That's it -- back to grading. I can't wait for Wednesday! I love the World Series! Go Rockies!



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