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Thursday, February 01, 2007

MLB's Response to a DirecTV Complaint

Last week, I mentioned that Buster Olney suggested that people upset with the DirecTV deal should send an e-mail to the people who are supposedly putting the deal together. I did so, and here's what I said:

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to add my voice to what I am sure is the growing chorus of fans who are frustrated and angered by MLB's decision to sign a contract with DirecTV making them the exclusive provider of the Extra Innings package. As an apartment dweller with an uncertain ability to get DirecTV (and with no outside phone line - a requirement for setup), the Extra Innings package would be unavailable to me this year and beyond if this exclusive deal goes through. I am a previous subscriber to the package - I had it last year and three years ago - and was fully intending to subscribe again this spring.

While I'm certain the immediate financial return of signing the exclusive deal with DirecTV is far and away the best deal out there, the ramifications to the fan base are potentially far-reaching. MLB is so healthy financially that there is no need to start grubbing for the top dollar in every deal, especially when that means alienating large segments of the fan base.

I hope that MLB reconsiders this ill-conceived deal, and lets me (and others like me) continue to subscribe to the Extra Innings package through the provider of our choice.


Joshua Taylor
Boulder, Colorado

This morning, I received a response. Here it is, reprinted in full:

For existing DIRECTV(r) service
Home service: 1-800-494-4388
Hearing impaired customers (TTY): 1-800-779-4388
Business service: 1-888-200-4388
Hotel/dorm/hospital service: 1-800-388-2505

For new DIRECTV service
Home service: 1-888-777-2454
At your business: 1-888-388-4249

DIRECTV dealers

Contact our partners

BH, MLB.com

"Where baseball is always on"

So, I received what amounts to a solicitation for DirecTV service by writing a complaint. Either no one actually read the e-mail (which is actually what I expected would happen), or somebody decided that this would be a funny response to my complaint. Either way, it's a disappointing look into the world of whoever is running the media services at MLB.

I'm curious to know if anyone else sent an e-mail, and what kind of response was received. Send me an e-mail (taylorjs@colorado.edu) or leave a comment if you've received a similar response.


  • At Thu Apr 12, 12:49:00 AM , Blogger Cathy said...

    After having a terrible time tying to solve a very simple problem with DirecTV's customer relations-I decided to pass my concerns on to their Senior Management. I managed to locate the Email for their new Customer Relations Senior VP-Ellen Filipiak. She was kind enough to Email me back telling me that DirecTV's Business Operation Analyst, a woman by the name of Heywot Bitew, would "resolve" the problems that I had and was apologetic for her staff's actions.
    If you have the opportunity, I encourage you to read the Emails they sent me as it really sheds a light into the attitude and poor customer relations policies of DirecTV. My google blog is: http://oregonsand.blogspot.com/ . Long story short-Ms Bitew did anything BUT resolve the issue. Seems Ms. Bitew is under the impression that the treatment I received is "not the norm" for her customer relations. From what I can see from boggs on the internet-I beg to differ. Right or wrong-I encourage you to share your experiences by phoning Ms. Bitew or Emailing either Ms. Bitew or Ellen Filipiak with your concerns. I am concerned that perhaps Ms. Bitew and Ms. Filipiak may not be getting accurate information as to just how bad their customer service is-so I encourage anyone that has had, or is currently experiencing problems, with DirecTV's customer service to give these two executives a clearer picture of just what is happening in this department.

    To reach Heywot Bitew: Email:HZBitew@directv.com Her direct phone line:310-964-6508
    To reach Ellen Filipiak, Sr VP of Customer Relations: Email her at: eafilipiak@directv.com
    And you may want to send a copy of your EMails to DirecTV's investor relations. Their Email is investorrelations@directv.com


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