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Saturday, October 14, 2006

So Much For My Theory...

I said a few days ago that I thought Lou Piniella would wind up in San Francisco, with Joe Girardi becoming the next manager of the Cubs. Looks like I'm going to be wrong on both counts. Piniella, citing disagreeable travel requirements, has removed himself from further consideration for the Giants job, and sources are now telling ESPN that the Cubs are looking to hire Piniella as their next manager before the start of the World Series.

There is still possible intrigue; the Cubs were first very high on Girardi, and then turned to Padres' manager Bruce Bochy (who they unsucessfully sought permission to interview 4 years ago before hiring Dusty Baker). If I were the Padres, I wouldn't give the Cubs permission to talk to Bochy, because he's been a good, solid manager in San Diego. I haven't seen word yet on whether permission has been officially sought (or denied) as of yet, though, so the jury is still out on that front.

As for Girardi, if he doesn't end up in Chicago I think he'll still find a job, possibly in Texas. As a young manager who had success with young players, he'd be ideal for a team in a rebuilding mode (such as Kansas City), but there aren't really any jobs like that open. The Washington job may be the closest, but for some reason he doesn't seem to fit there. Maybe he'll take a year off from managing and get offers next year. If he doesn't wind up in a dugout this year, though, it'll be a shame; he's going to win NL Manager of the Year, and deserves a chance to prove that that wasn't a fluke.


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